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katymanning1.jpg (125800 bytes) whovoiceover1.jpg (94707 bytes) loveandwar1.jpg (50951 bytes) Bernard Holley in Mary Broome, 2011 Bernard Holley, 2007. bernardholleyimage17.jpg (26802 bytes) Bernard Holley as Gordon Crane, 'Tanner', 2008. Bernard Holley in 'The Mob', Orange Tree Theatre, 2005. bernardholleyimage15.jpg (28128 bytes) bernardholleyimage18.jpg (29918 bytes) bernardholleyimage04.jpg (23004 bytes) bernardholleyimage09.jpg (42142 bytes) bernardholleyimage05.jpg (28437 bytes) bernardholleyimage11.jpg (33187 bytes) bernardholleyimage16.jpg (29924 bytes) bernardholleyimage22.jpg (30258 bytes) bernardholleyimage20.jpg (35385 bytes) bernardholleyimage19.jpg (31469 bytes) bernardasnorman2.jpg (19427 bytes) bernardholleyimage14.jpg (35297 bytes) bernardholleyimage08.jpg (38500 bytes) bernardholleyimage21.jpg (40789 bytes)

As Oldman in The Long Road, 2013 At Big Finish for 'Iris on the Oche', 2013 axosdvd1.jpg (109196 bytes) tombdvd.jpg (103929 bytes) marybroomefit1.jpg (110359 bytes) bernardholleyimage01.jpg (57409 bytes) bernardholleyimage12.jpg (56989 bytes) bernardholleyimage13.jpg (57552 bytes) bernardholleyimage07.jpg (105215 bytes) bernardholleyimage10.jpg (53803 bytes) bernardholleyimage06.jpg (50695 bytes)

SCREEN GRABS - Captures from 40 Years of Television & Film. Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.

Bernard Holley as Gordon in Residue (2012) zcarslight01.jpg (24311 bytes) Bernard as Dr. Peter Thornhill, 'Doctors', 2009. Bernard as Gordon Crane, 'Tanner', 2008. Bernard Holley as Clive King, Holby City, 2007 Bernard Holley as Gavin Symes, Doctors, 2006 Bernard Holley as Bill Stubbs, Ahead Of The Class, 2005 Bernard Holley as George, 2003 Bernard Holley as Jerry Wooding, Sweet Medicine, 2003. Bernard Holley as The Chief Inspector, A Touch of Frost, 2003 Bernard Holley, Barbara, 2002. Bernard Holley as Rev. Green, Hollyoaks, 2001. Bernard Holley as Malcolm, EastEnders, 2001. Bernard Holley as Edward Wilson, Doctors, 2001 Bernard Holley as Richard, Birds of a Feather, 1998. Bernard Holley as Colin Painter, The Bill, 1995. Bernard Holley as Commander Johnson, The Bill, 1991. Bernard Holley as Paddy Ashdown, Thatcher: The Final Days, 1991 Bernard Holley as The Storyteller, Jackanory, 1991. Bernard Holley as Colin Breck in 'Taggart' (1990) Bernard Holley, Never The Twain, 1989. Bernard Holley as Mark Somerset, Wexford, 1988. Bernard Holley as D.I. Mike Turnbull in 'Gentle Touch' (1984) Bernard Holley, Minor Complications, 1980. Bernard Holley, Eureka, 1980. Bernard Holley in 'Thriller', 1971. bernardholley38privateeye.jpg (14364 bytes) Bernard Holley as Constance Kent in 'A Question Of Guilt' (1980) Bernard Holley as Charlie Orgreave in 'Clayhanger' (1976) Bernard Holley as The Axon Man, Doctor Who, 1971 Bernard Holley as Gifford in 'Elizabeth R', 1971 Bernard Holley as PC Newcombe, Z-Cars, 1967 Bernard Holley as Peter Haydon, Doctor Who, 1967