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In July 2013, Bernard was cast as lead character Jeff Brogan in "A Voice to Die For", a new comedy film that critiques the voiceover industry. 

He talked about the film, as well as his thoughts on 'mumbling actors' in an interview with Phil Williams on BBC Radio 5 Live on July 16th.

In May 2013, Bernard shot his scenes as Oldman in award-winning filmmaker Craig Griffith's new film "The Long Road", set for release in 2014.

He also provided the voice of Michael, a character suffering from Alzheimers, for a short film, "AlwaysLand" for the Central School of Music.

In April, he recorded the role of Ted Taylor, a darts player who finds himself the target of an alien invasion, in the Iris Wildthyne adventure "Iris at the Oche" for

Released in July 2013 - Bernard has entered the toy market as the Axos Action Figure makes it debut, an exclusive product from Forbidden Planet

There was great feedback on Twitter, even from Mark Gatiss, who commented "At last! Of course, if the figure is made of Axonite it could be a brilliant invasion plan..."

Bernard's fourth "Doctor Who" adventure, "Love and War" directed by Gary Russell, is out now on CD and Download from 

Bernard was part of a panel at the BFI's "Tomb of the Cybermen" Event, the video of the panel can be watched on the CLIPS page

And rounding up a busy period of "Doctor Who" news, the Special Edition of "The Claws of Axos", which features an interview with Bernard, is out now from all major outlets.


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Bernard Holley has been cast in his fourth "Doctor Who" adventure, "Love and War" directed by Gary Russell.

This special audio adventure, originally written for Virgin's New Adventures range of books by Paul Cornell, celebrates the 20th anniversary of the character of Bernice Summerfield.

Bernard has now worked with Four Doctors - adding his "Eureka" co-star Sylvester McCoy to his list of Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Colin Baker.

Soon after recording this audio for Big Finish Productions, playing Brother Phaedrus, Bernard was cast in a new promo for Disney Junior.

2012 has also seen two Special Edition DVD releases of both Bernard's TV "Doctor Who" stories. "Tomb of the Cybermen: Special Edition" features in the Box Set "Revisitations 3".

Bernard is interviewed in the Special Feature "The Lost Giants". He is also interviewed in "Axon Stations" for "Claws of Axos: Special Edition" and appears on the DVD cover.

He was also recently reunited with his Doctor Who co-star Katy Manning for the first time in 40 years, for a signing at Galaxy 4 in Sheffield.

Information on more upcoming Doctor Who appearances below...


Happy New Year everyone! Since "Mary Broome" finished at the Orange Tree (and what a big success that was) I have been back in voice studios doing this and that but mainly a collection of translation voice-overs for a series about Great Football Managers including Fabio Capello, Rinus Michaels and Giovanni Trapattoni. 

I also filmed a foreign language programme called, "That’s English" working with a fine TV director, Andrew Morgan and his expert and highly professional crew. Once more I trod the boards chairing "The Old Time Music Hall" in Barnes which, I’m pleased to say, was once more a rip roaring success. 

I have joined the ranks of Twitter and extraordinarily that has been quite a success too (all credit to my website designer, Oliver Crocker). In fact because of my three outings over the years with Dr Who I have been offered 2 Signings and a Convention next year...


whoeventfeb1.jpg (144776 bytes) GALAXY FOUR - Katy Manning & Bernard Holley will be visiting GALAXY FOUR to meet fans and sign autographs. Signed photos will be £10 with the added bonus of one personal item signed for free for every photo purchased. This signing takes place on Saturday 18th February 2012 between 12:00 - 14:00 @ Galaxy Four, 493 Glossop Road, Broomhill, Sheffield, S10 2QE 

whoeventfeb2.jpg (173186 bytes) TENTH PLANET Celebrity Signing Event - Saturday 24th March 2012 (FREE ENTRY) - Miranda Borman, Bernard Holley, Brian Croucher, Eric Saward, Clive Doig & Andrew Cartmel will be at the signing on the Saturday 24th March 2012 between 10.00am and 1.00 pm at the Barking Learning Library 

whoeventfeb3.jpg (169570 bytes) DIMENSIONS 2012 Doctor Who Convention - 9th-11th November 2012 - Louise Jameson, John Leeson, Bernard Holley, Ian Cullen, Nabil Shaban, Martin Cochrane and more... THE NEW HOLIDAY INN, GREAT NORTH ROAD, SEATON BUN, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE13 6BP


marybroome2.jpg (662736 bytes) Hello everyone! I have just completed a run in "Mary Broome" at the Orange Tree and it has been a huge success.  Acclaimed by all the major newspapers and loved by the Orange Tree audiences this has been one of the most successful plays I have ever appeared in.  During the last couple of weeks tickets were virtually impossible to get.  Remember the name "Mary Broome" it could well be seen again!! I played Mr. Pendleton. The play tells the tale of an Edwardian housemaid (Mary Broome) who becomes involved with the younger son of a well to do family. The results for all are unexpected...

Review: "Auriol Smith's direction draws first rate performances from her cast, and an especially delightful cameo from Bernard Holley as a generous minded friend of the Timbrells" - British Theatre Guide, March 2011.

axoswho.jpg (46975 bytes) Big Finish have released "Doctor Who: The Feast of Axos", where I reprised my role as Axos 40 years after first playing the part. This time I was pitted against Colin Baker. You can purchase the CD here 

Reviews: "I think the real draw for me, the thing that really made me sit up and take notice, was the casting. By getting back Bernard Holley as the voice of Axos, Big Finish pulled off a master stroke. With this being an audio medium, to have that wonderfully rich and distinctive voice booming out “Axos calling Earth!” just really grabs you. I’m really glad they managed to get the original actor back as it really added that level of authenticity to Axos’ return" - Outpost Skaro, February 2011.

"Bernard Holley is back. You can sometimes forget the effect a voice can have on you… the moment Bernard stepped into the studio and uttered those words, “Axos calling Earth” I was transported back to an earlier, innocent time,  almost as if Axos had control of my mind. But seriously working with Bernard was a joy.  He’s a proper gentleman actor, immaculately turned out, totally professional, charming and absolutely bursting with irresistible anecdotes" - Nicholas Briggs, Big Finish, November 2010.

I also hosted a Black Tie Charity evening in aid of Integrated Neurological Services - a wonderful evening of comedy and music. I also guested at a Doctor Who event "Men In Steel", on February 6th in London to talk about my first story, "Tomb of the Cybermen"


Bizarrely two productions in 2010 I have starred in have involved playing two characters whom I last played in 1971!

 Firstly, I reprised my role as PC Bill Newcombe, now retired, for a 3-minute short film, "Z Cars: A Lot Of Fuss About Light". This was made as part of Shine Television's 48 Hour Short Film Competition and can be viewed here -

 Soon after, I was approached by Big Finish Productions to star in their new "Doctor Who" audio play, "The Feast of Axos". I first played the part of Axos, a shape-shifting Alien, in the four-part story "The Claws of Axos" opposite Jon Pertwee. This time, I'm pitted against Colin Baker. This CD is due for release later in the year.

It's actually been quite a busy year "Doctor Who" wise - in Feburary, I was interviewed for the DWO WhoCast about my work on the show in the 60's and 70's. You can listen to the interview, 22 minutes into the show, on episode 168 - DWO WHOCAST 168. To my surprise I was then approached by the BBC to record a commentary for episode one of "The Tomb of the Cybermen" with Victor Pemberton (Script Editor) for a new DVD box set, coming out in 2011. I was also interviewed on camera for a bonus documentary.

I also started off the year with a rehearsed reading of a new play by Sean Cook - "A Road to Nowhere", where I played a character called  Geoff.

My work with the charities, "The Actors’ Charitable Trust" and "The Combined Theatrical Charities" continues. The two charities provide help and support for members of our profession who, for what ever reason, have fallen on hard times. We look after actor’s children who may have special needs and the elderly residents of the theatrical residential home, Denville Hall. It is very rewarding voluntary work.  


2009 saw me star as Dr. Peter Thornhill in the BBC drama series "Doctors". This is my third character in the series to date, (previous appearances in 2001 and 2006). Peter is suffering from early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, which is destroying his marriage, and himself. 

2009 also saw me record several radio ads for BT, where I played Chris Marshall's character's Dad. I also recorded another Corporate, this time for The European Parliament.

I started 2008 with another voice-over for "Just for Men" making it the 11th year in succession that I have voiced this product, in fact, the longest job I have ever had! Other Voiceovers this year include Lanancane, Costa Coffee, Walk the World and More Than Insurance.

I also played a character named Derek, a senior fundraiser, in a lively Corporate for the NSPCC called "Legacy Training", which teaches staff how to approach the tricky subject of how to persuade people to use legacies as means of supporting the NSPCC. The film was directed by Dave Ward who I last worked for in 2001 voicing another training Video for the NSPCC.

In April an actor friend of mine contacted me and asked if I wanted to appear in "Cash in the Attic" - "Doing what?", I asked. He explained that he had some boxed 60's and 70's cars for sale and one of them was a Z-Car!. As I had appeared in that veteran cop show for nearly four years he felt I might be a nice link in the programme. My contribution was shot in a dusty Auction room surrounded by "Cash in the Attic" type treasures - good fun! A couple of months later I was contacted by BBC Scotland and asked to appear in a programme called "Cops on the Box" a retrospective look at veteran television Cop programmes. Of course, the subject was "Z-Cars" and once more I was in front of a camera talking about the marvelous programme that had occupied four years of my life as a young actor.

I was pleased to note that "Brick Lane" opened to critical acclaim in the US cinemas this July. I played a News Reporter in what can only be described as a cameo!

I said Goodbye to my friend Jeremy Beadle at a star-studded evening at the London Studios.  Called "An Evening Without Jeremy Beadle" it was a moving and memorable tribute to an expert performer and a tireless worker for charity.

ITV recently repeated "Another Life", the "Touch of Frost" episode I did in 2003 and I'm now off to film an advert for the Lottery in Amsterdam!!

Best wishes,

Bernard Holley.