Written by Arnold Wesker

 Bernard starred as Charlie Wingate. 


 Performed at the National Theatre, Lincoln, in 1963.


 "My very first professional stage performance was at the Theatre Royal, Lincoln in 1963.   

 I left drama school in June 1963 and auditioned for theatre companies including Manchester Library Theatre and the Theatre Royal, Lincoln.   

 I was instantly offered Charlie Wingate  in “Chips with Everything” at Lincoln.  The pay was £5.50 per week for rehearsals and £7.25 for playing – I’ve still got the letter from the theatre to prove it!  

 Chips with Everything was a hugely successful play based on Arnold Wesker’s experiences whilst on National Service in the RAF.  

 Charlie was a very nice part as it wasn’t too large for a beginner and it had plenty of drama and emotion.   I was very pleased to get a good notice in one of the local papers – so pleasing when you are a beginner!  At the end of this production I moved straight to Manchester Library Theatre where I spent a few happy months and got married!!".