Bernard starred in episodes 1 & 2 of the 1967 story 'Tomb Of The Cybermen', as Peter Haydon. 


When an expedition from Earth tries to discover any remains from the long-lost civilization - The Cybermen. They are soon joined by The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) and his companions, who help the team gain access to the Tomb of the Cybermen. But the Silver Giants are not as dormant as they had imagined... Bernard Holley plays one of the expedition members, an enthusiastic and intelligent archaeologist called Peter Haydon.


"My first introduction to the phenomenon known as Doctor Who!  I can’t remember how I got the job but I presume it was the work of my agent at the time.  To me as a young actor it was just another job.  A couple of days filming in gravel pits, a few days rehearsal and a couple of studio days.  As far as I was concerned that was it.  How could any of us known that it would become one of the most popular TV programmes of all time.  Even now, in 2008, 41 years after “Cybermen” was filmed I still get requests for autographed photographs from the series.   In fact, I will be appearing at a “mini-event” in late October devoted to the early black and white Cybermen episodes.  Long may it all continue!!"


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Click to watch a clip of Bernard as Peter Haydon


Patrick Troughton, Frazer Hines, Deborah Watling


Roy Stewart, Aubrey Richards, Cyril Shaps, Clive Merrison, Shirley Cooklin, George Roubicek, George Pastell, Bernard Holley, Michael Kilgarriff, Peter Hawkins


Morris Barry (Director), Peter Bryant (Producer), Kit Pedler (Writer), Gerry Davis (Writer), Victor Pemberton (Story Editor), Martin Johnson (Designer)


Episode 1: 02/09/1967 - BBC1

Episode 2: 09/09/1967 - BBC1

Episode 3: 16/09/1967 - BBC1

Episode 4: 23/09/1967 - BBC1